The Answer to Cancer May Lie in a Single Drop of Blood
by Rick Panson

Nutritional Microbiology

By taking a drop of blood from the fingertip (capillary blood) and examining it under a high powered microscope one can determine the quality of the internal body fluids and the quality of the red and white blood cells. To demonstrate this microbiology, a single drop of blood is sandwiched between a glass cover slip (.017” thin) and a glass microscope slide and they are placed onto the microscope.

WOW, what a view … it is equally exciting going inward towards infinity in the microscopic world as it is to view the outward infinity of space through the telescope! Amazing to view the white cells attacking and cleaning the inner microbiological terrain! Your personal epic story.

A video camera is attached to the microscope and a computer so everyone can see the microbiology together and your Microscopist will explain what you are viewing. There will always be dietary evidence in the blood depending on whether you are eating cleansing foods or clogging and toxic foods. The biology will be clean and improving or it will disintegrate right in front of your eyes into bacteria, mold, fungus and/or yeast, Nature’s great decomposers of organic matter.

How healthy are you? By examining the blood, one is able to see the evidence of acidic/alkaline balance or imbalance. It is only possible for bacteria, mold, fungus and/or yeast to flourish in a declining pH, so if they are prolific, you are acidic… plus, they are all leaving their own acidic body wastes in you to further acidify and toxify you. ALL HEALTH and VITALITY comes from the body fluids being able to carry out chemical and biological processes which are dependent upon ALKALINE pH.

All sickness and all disease has been linked to acidity. The answer to cancer may lie in a single drop of blood.

Rick Panson is a well regarded nutritional microscopist and extreme health coach who recently moved from Manhattan to his roots in the Hudson Valley. Rick strongly advocates and teaches Natural Law and as such he teaches to eat organic, seasonal/local, high-raw, mostly plant based (mostly veggies are better due to high sugar in fruits) diets, high in leafy green, chlorophyll rich foods… and to further compel everyone to get into sprouting food from seeds, nuts and beans for extreme maximum nutrition, health and vitality.

Chlorophyll is the cleanest form of food on the planet and is the direct result of the alchemical transformation of light into matter from photosynthesis. Pretty good magic! Chlorophyll is the combination of carbon dioxide and water to form a type of molecule that is identical to the molecule of blood, except for one thing… the center atom of chlorophyll is magnesium and the center atom of blood is iron. The blood of the plant (chlorophyll) easily absorbs directly into your bloodstream and there it readily transforms directly into blood without any digestion necessary.
Make grass based chlorophyll the base of your food pyramid for ultimate nutrition and you will build tissue/lean muscle mass by consuming the food that horses use for their protein requirements.

OUR energy comes from the sun … and to radiate infinite energy like sunshine-GO GREEN!


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Nutritional Microscopy is now an alternative examination routinely utilized by holistic medical, osteopathic, chiropractic and naturopathic physicians, as well as other health care professionals around the world, providing an insightful view of the biological terrain.