Partial Outline of Health Talks Given by Rick Panson


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Raw & Living Foods for Alkalizing Health Series


1) Distinction between raw and life foods (30-90+ minutes)

A) Living enzymes of raw foods

B) Rejuvenative qualities of life foods

C) Adding raw and life foods to current diets

D) Resources


2) Indoor sprouting & growing living foods (30-90+ min)

A) Supplies

B) Techniques

C) Uses of life foods

D) Resources


3) Tasty Flax Crackers and Cookies (60-180+ minutes)

A) Set-up and tools needed

B) Basic recipe for crackers

D) Demonstration of prep

E) Resources and supplies


4) Easy Raw desserts (30-90+ minutes)

A) Nut Milks

B) Chia seed pudding

C) Coconut Macaroons


5) Dehydration for health (30-90+ minutes)

A) Fruits and veggies

B) Use as preservative method

C) Need to super-hydrate if consuming dehydrated food


6) Alkalizing principals (60-180+ minutes)

A) Oxygen and proper breathing (focus on exhale)

B) Hydration, water and ionizers (talk about bottled water

    and the hazards)

C) Sodium and good quality salt supplies (distinction between
     live-salt vs. natural ancient salts)

D) Healthy fats and oils as part of the foundation

E) Dry skin brushing

    1) Benefits

    2) Best techniques

F) Diet and nutritional supplements

G) Exercise

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