pH Balance / Optimal Health

pH stands for “parts hydrogen” whereas the pH scale runs from 1-14 and pH 1-7 will be acidic - pH 7-14 will be alkaline.  The body was designed to be alkaline and human blood pH is always 7.365, slightly alkaline.  However, the body fluids other than blood (interstitial fluids, inter and intra-cellular water) may become increasingly acidic as the result of a back-up of metabolic wastes as well as an acid forming diet/lifestyle.  Balancing the pH of the entire system is vital for optimal function as the biochemical reactions within the body are dependent upon a proper pH in order for the many processes to properly take place.



Optimal Health


can only be obtained when the acidic wastes of metabolism are properly eliminated or neutralized. There are 4 “cornerstones” to a body of health and they are;


     ·         Oxygen (eliminate CO2-carbonic acid waste)

     ·         Water (ionized-hexagonal water with pH 9.5+
                     is best)
     ·         Alkalizing Natural Salts
     ·         Healthy Fats and Oils


Without these 4 “cornerstones” as a foundation, your health cannot be optimal.



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Oxygen is the #1 nutrient we all need for life!  And it’s FREE!  It determines how much fuel (glucose) you can “burn” and in order to have more energy and less fatigue; BREATHE.  If you sit at a computer or desk for hours, get up and walk around every hour simply to re-oxygenate and get life sustaining breath going fully again.  Deep breathing techniques and elimination of carbon dioxide (acid) are primary in an effort to alkalize.  Most people are surprised to find out that CO2 (carbon dioxide) is the most abundant acid you produce each minute as CO2 + H2O = H2CO3 (carbonic acid-pH 5.65).

Water is essential and drinking enough (minimum ˝ body weight in ounces) will immediately allow cells to detoxify by rinsing.  Natural Law has all of the animals on the planet drinking water… what else are you consuming?  Ionized tap water is most like drinking fresh waterfall or glacial water in its physical characteristics  (highly anti-oxidant, hexagonal, electrically charged, microclustered, high alkalinity and oxygenated) and ionized tap water is the best choice today for drinking water, superior by far to distilled or reverse osmosis in the ability to alkalize and hydrate. 


Most bottled waters are acidic and all sports drinks, bottled teas, energy drinks etc. are loaded with many table-spoonfuls of refined sugar and are highly acidic (toxic on a cellular level).  The high sugar content and resulting fermentation, producing alcohol, is toxic and highly disruptive of your delicate pH balance, plus it feeds yeast which then causes you to crave even more refined sugars and carbs.  Like an alcoholic addicted to the ferment of sugar… i.e. alcohol; Sugar fermenting inside you is highly addictive and the alcohol waste of the yeast inside you is just as disruptive as drinking vodka.


Alkalizing Natural Salt with trace minerals intact like pinkish  from Utah, USA are superior to the white “sea salts”.  These white “sea salts” have often come from desalination plants and have been refined by bleaching and heating in order to obtain the pure white color. Most “sea salts” are not natural, or healthy, compared to completely unrefined/unprocessed salts. Other “ALKALIZING SALTS” can also be effectively added to one’s supplementation once you understand how to alkalize using these alkalizing salts (baking soda, Epsom salt, magnesium oxide etc) for balancing.


Healthy Fats and Oils are necessary for building all cell membranes (phospholipid membranes) and with or without daily intake of lots of dark, leafy greens it is well advised to supplement with oils (high quality fish oils, coconut oil, olive oil, avocado oil, borage oil, flax oil) or my #1 choice, 3 tablespoons of golden flax seeds, freshly ground daily.

Simply adding these $2/lb seeds you can neutralize/cheleate acids as well as get your best source of omega 3 fatty acids for pennies/day.  GO FLAX!  

After the 4 cornerstones, CHLOROPHYLL should be the primary food target for a vibrant, cleansing, alkalizing and extremely healthful life of alkaline balance. Grass chlorophyll is the ultimate super-food, containing almost 100 minerals, plus 18 of 22 amino acids, the building blocks of proteins.  Don’t take the acidic protein powders when the alkalizing grass powders are far superior.  Just look at a horse… where does a horse get calcium and protein for building 1,500 lbs of lean muscle mass and strong skeletal frame to hold all that muscle.  It comes from chlorophyll, the original food for all life on the planet.


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